Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ideas to Grow - Appreciation v Recognition

Two very good things .... to know more about.

And a couple of things that I am not sure I thought about .... in relation to each other.

Before reading this article.

Appreciation v Recognition
Over my career, I have had the pleasure to observe and learn from the best. Often evolving my view on leadership. When I graduated college and started out into the world, I valued recognition of a specific project that was successful, and I’m not quite sure I even noticed any appreciation that came my way. I was simply doing the best job I knew how.
As I continue to explore characteristics of effective leaders, I have been understanding the difference between appreciation and recognition.
Appreciation is long-term and is foundational in building loyalty, respect and culture within an organization.
Recognition is short-term taking notice of a specific success, and often overcomes any feelings of long hours or weekends worked to achieve the goal.
Great leaders balance both. And teams must learn the same. A mentor said to me many years ago, the more successful we become, the less often we are appreciated or recognized. That statement has proven itself true. As professionals, and people, we never outgrow the need for either. This is why I mention the importance of teams embracing the value of appreciation and recognition.
I began to regularly express my appreciation for my boss; and recognize his tireless efforts and successes. It was genuine praise and began to catch on. It became more comfortable for team members to acknowledge supervisors and each other. Interns began to stick their heads into C-level offices to say, “good morning, I am enjoying my role as an intern.”
Staying mindful of authentic appreciation and recognition is key in sustaining respectful, high performing teams that take organizations to the next level.
So this week, I challenge you to identify an opportunity to show appreciation and give recognition, and make it a habit.

Tiffany Hobson

Consultant Marketing Communications

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