Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Customers - Art2Eat Cakes

I would love to introduce you to Heather Sherman and her company Art2Eat Cakes.

The hardest part about writing this post.... was choosing the picture to go with it.

I found many amazing examples of Heather's work at http://www.art2eatcakes.com/

So many in fact, that I anguished over which one to use to catch your attention.

But really.... who wouldn't be intrigued by a Rainbow Pegacorn!  
Here is a little bit about what Heather's can do for you....

Off-The-Chart 3-D sculpted cake!  Hello! I am a cake sculptor like the ones you see on those wild Food shows. If you've ever watched any of them, you know the amazing sculptures we can make from cake, icing and fondant. These personal creations generate incredible excitement and make any event sparkle and zing. With a sculpted cake you get the performance value of a band, the esthetics of an ice sculpture, PLUS you get to eat it. 
 People take pictures with it, gather together to cut, and never, never forget the event! 
 I am looking forward to talking about your custom dream cake to perfectly accent your event -- birthdays, showers, weddings, corporate events, parties, or ??? I can also do custom toppers and decorations for your own cake as well. 

And here's a little bit about the artist herself....

Art is my Thrill and Cakes are my medium. I've always been an ecclectic, artistic mountain child, and involved in the kitchen, baking from a VERY early age. I remember being told as a little kid not to make scupltures out of my taco cheese. Through life I have experienced many mediums - paint, graphic design, engraving, photography, illustration, glass, kids and more, but then in 2008 I discovered CAKE. My earliest cakes got massive attention, and I continue to be dazed and delighted with the reactions my cakes get. I've been published in Cake Masters, Cake Central, Good Morning America Yahoo, Cooking.com, made cakes for Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cirque du Soleil, and many more. This Thrill is what drives me to make ever more daring designs - to "make cake fly". It it the Oooohs and Ahhs that continue into Yuuuuummmms that make Cake Art so satisfying. Sculpted Cake is truly Performance Art; a multi-layered experience for all the senses.  
Mouth watering.... need to know more?
Head on over to Heather's website.... you will find a ton of information and a contact form there.

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