Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ideas to Grow - Your Right Message

Every business has something that makes them unique.

The "something".... that you do better, faster or cheaper than the competition.
It's the reason that your Best Customer should do business with you and not your competition.

That uniqueness and your guarantee needs to be the core of the message that deliver to your Best Customers.
And, the message you will deliver to the people who have the potential to be your best customers.

The whole point of spending all that time thinking about YOUR BEST CUSTOMER.... was to get you the content for your message.

If you can speak to the fears, wants, needs, expectations and delights of your best customer.... you will be saying what they need and want to hear.

That has to lead to more business for you.

I have seen this exercise done dozens, if not hundreds, of times and there is one simple key to success.


I don't advocate writing it because I think you are going to post it on the wall or read it to every customer.

I say you need to because -
  • If you do..... it well be a complete and well reasoned thought. 
  • If you don't..... it will be incomplete and in-actionable
Make your statement as long (or short) as it needs to be to clearly answer two questions -
  • Why you?
  • Why now?
You will use what you write, differently in different marketing activities.
  • In many cases will use only a portion of your whole statement.
  • What you print on a billboard will be different than what you say in elevator pitch.
  • But both of those messages have to be rooted in your Right Message.
Your Right Message.... is really a two part statement.
Your unique selling proposition.... is the first part of that statement.
  • It describes what you do well, best and different.
  • Be ready to wrestle with the ideas of "good, fast, cheap" at this point.
  • Customers commonly want all three, while typically, a business can offer every customer two of the three.
  • But very seldom can a business offer a customer all three. 
A huge part of the communication you will have with potential customers is teaching them what is reasonable to expect from you with regards to "good, fast and cheap". 
  • You will do it over and over again, so get prepared to do it well.
If you are able (and willing) to offer cheap you will have the easiest path. 
  • Everyone I know, can make a buying decision based on price.
  • But almost no one I know, understands how to make a buying decision on anything else.
  • So if you are the low cost provider, shout it from the roof tops and your business should thrive.
If that is not your model, don't despair. 
  • Just know, that having a clear statement of what you do well is all the more important. 
  • And, again, you will have to say it over and over.
  • And I'm willing to bet that yours is a business that is built on relationships vs transactions. 
Your "guarantee".... is the second part of the Right Message.
A statement of.... what are you going to do to back up the promises you make to your customers.
Most often when ask about a "guarantee", people react with a money statement. (eg - Full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.)

But there are many types of guarantees, especially if your uniqueness is not rooted in "cheap".
  • You might promise to "get it right the first time"
  • "Deliver quickly"
  • "Meet your delivery date without fail"
  • "Not take a job that you can't do well"
  • "Use only the best materials"
  • "Re-do it if it's not right"
  • "Provide expertise that the client doesn't possess"
  • "Be trustworthy in a industry that is not generally trusted"
  • "Make it easy"
  • "Provide friendly service
  • " or .....
A great guarantee is about.... when and how you deliver it.

Say it up front  and say it with total conviction. 
  • Both of which are easy for the business owner who has thought it through in advance.
Now we're all the way back to Jay Conrad Levinson and his description of the differences between big and small business. 
  • Big business marketing is all about money (large amounts of it). 
  • Small businesses are marketed through the time, passion and energy of the owner.
Use Right Message to describe what you are passionate about
 and use your time and energy to deliver it to your Best Customer.

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