Wednesday, July 27, 2016

News From The Shop - Going Diving.... Soon

As many of you know, Mike and I take a vacation each year .... to get away for some scuba diving.
This year we will be gone August 10-17.
The Shop will not be completely closed, as the "Ladies of Louisville" will continue the production work.... and be open on the Sales side with some reduced hours.
But there are projects that need my personal attention and that's why I wanted you to think about it now.
If yours is one of those projects and if you are going to need it anytime before the end of August.... we really should talk before I go.
Leaving it until we get back will add a lot of stress for both of us .... and in a worst case scenario mean we can't get it done on-time.
Give me a call, drop me an email or come by and see me if you have a large, complicated or time sensitive project in mind .... and we will get it in the pipeline.
Because, as you know, the only thing that is going to work for me, is you getting -
  • What you needed
  • At a fair price
  • On-time or early
  • With a smile.

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