Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Customers - La Rev

Right here in Louisville is one of our customers.... that I bet you already know.

And if you don't, you will want to get to know La Revolution Tacqueria y Cantina.... or La Rev for short.

In the words of it's owner Rick Betance…
This restaurant is very much a homecoming for me. 

It is taking me back to my roots (Mexican and Spanish), to the food I grew up with in Southern California. 

It evokes memories of Sunday dinners at my parent’s home, with all of my brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends. La Revolucion is built upon that foundation and spirit of familial hospitality.

At La Rev, we strive to provide a simple, soulful Mexican restaurant, with true hospitality as its mission. La Revolucion pairs classic Taqueria fare (tacos, burritos, tamales, tortas, enchiladas and more!) with a tequila-driven, craft- cocktail menu. The food is inspired from my childhood in Southern California, where my Nana and my mother would fill the house with the aroma of mole stewing and chilies roasting. 

It is the hole in the wall Mexican joints that dot the East L.A. area of Southern California, the taco trucks that we would chase down as kids, with their crispy yet juicy carnitas tacos and overflowing carne asada burritos. 

Paired with a healthy tequila list (over 90 tequilas!) and a “mixologist”- inspired margarita and cocktail menu and you have La Revolucion!

I tell my staff that “cool stuff” happens at restaurants all the time. That people come not only to enjoy a great meal, but to enjoy time with their family…or bond friendships…or seal business deals…or fall in love. It’s our job to provide a warm and welcoming environment for you to share those moments.

So come on down to Old Town Louisville and let us take care of you…La Rev style!

My favorite part is the outdoor patio pictured here.... well that and the margaritas.

And the fact that Rick likes to do everything including his logo just a little bit crooked or off center.... because I'm that kind of girl too.

You can get a peak at the menu and more on their website at http://larevrestaurant.com/

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