Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ideas to Grow - Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
The last of the big 6 systems, or maybe it's the first.... is your Strategic Plan.
I waffle, because, there is a real chicken and the egg debate that surrounds this system.

The Strategic Plan is the rudder that steers your business boat. While few will argue that steering is not necessary. The debate heats up around when we need to steer.... before or after we get forward momentum.

If you are in the camp of "before" you will write your Strategic Plan.... before your business is even launched.

But often, small business owners, don't really see the value of a Strategic Plan until they are moving forward.

If you are in that camp, you will want to get your steering mechanism in place.... before, you running before a big wind.
If the steering is not in place then you could well find your business, and perhaps even their life.... going in a direction you didn't intend and don't even like.

Here's your Strategic Plan, test question.... Do you have a business to support a lifestyle or do you have a life just to support serve your business?
We all start out with the intention of "1" but often end up stuck in "2". If that's the case with you, and your business.... you need a Strategic Plan.
Like all systems, you can make it complex or simple. Either way, it's the system that will help you to plot a course and stay on it. It's the system that will bring your "business life" into balance with your "whole life".
A "google search" for Strategic Plan Templates will return a wealth of possibilities to support the level of simplicity or complexity that you desire.
Or perhaps, this is an area where a good Business Coach has something to teach you.

And that, concludes our look at the 6 cornerstone systems of a happy, healthy business.
  • Right Message/Right Audience
  • Customer Action Plan
  • Revenue and Expense Management
  • Cash Gap Plan
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategic Plan
You really do need them.... all of them.

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