Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Customers - Anita Miller

One of the many things that I enjoy about the Our Customers portion of our Blog.... is the amazing diversity and talents of our customers.

Here's the story of one of those customers.... Anita Miller, an artist.


Then-Columbus resident Anita Miller, artist and creator of The Eyes of Freedom: Lima Company Memorial, has truly birthed something larger than life. Like so many people in Ohio who heard of the Lima Company tragedies in 2005, her heart tore for the families of the fallen. Two months later, she awoke in the middle of the night with a vision of the completed Memorial standing in the Ohio Statehouse Rotunda. Anita would work for the next two and a half years to make it a reality. In May 2008 the Lima Company Memorial was unveiled in the Statehouse Rotunda, just as the vision foretold.


Retiring from Lima Company 3/25 and seeing The Eyes of Freedom unveiled at the Statehouse in 2008, Mike Strahle knew he had witnessed something truly special. The bonds formed with these 23 men while fighting alongside them made the life-size portraits difficult to view at first, yet a sense of honor and remembrance soon prevailed.
Three years later he would contact Anita Miller, the artist and creator of The Eyes of Freedom, requesting to host the memorial at a Veteran’s Support fundraiser he founded. It was this reunion that sparked the passing of the baton from its creator to the hands of a brother in arms. The artist and the Marine now share a relentless desire to make this memorial available all over the country. For Mike this mission is personal. He too was badly injured in an explosion that took six of his squad members, two more fell to enemy fire just days prior.


The life-size mural paintings of the 23-fallen of Lima 3/25 now travel the entire country, Honoring ALL Who Answer Our Nation’s Call; Then, Now, and Tomorrow.  Moving from town to town and city to city, The Eyes of Freedom rallies the public around one common theme.  Saluting our great military, and their families who also sacrifice with their commitment.


Thank You for your service
  • Private First Class Christopher R. Dixon
  • Lance Corporal Christopher P. Lyons
  • Staff Sergeant Anthony L. Goodwin
  • Petty Officer 3rd Class Travis Youngblood (Navy Corpsman)
  • Sergeant Justin F. Hoffman
  • Staff Sergeant Kendall H. Ivy II
  • Lance Corporal Nicholas William B. Bloem
  • Corporal Andre L. Williams
  • Lance Corporal Grant B. Fraser
  • Lance Corporal Aaron H. Reed
  • Lance Corporal Edward A. Schroeder II
  • Sergeant David Kenneth J. Kreuter
  • Lance Corporal Jourdan L. Grez
  • Lance Corporal William B. Wightman
  • Lance Corporal Timothy M. Bell, Jr.
  • Lance Corporal Eric J. Bernholtz
  • Corporal Dustin A. Derga
  • Lance Corporal Nicholas B. Erdy
  • Lance Corporal Wesley G. Davids
  • Sergeant David N. Wimberg
  • Lance Corporal Michael J. Cifuentes
  • Lance Corporal Christopher J. Dyer
  • Lance Corporal Jonathan W. Grant
  • Cpl. David Stephen “Bear” Stewart
  • LCpl. Kevin Waruinge
  • Sgt. Bradley Harper

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