Tuesday, January 17, 2017

News from The Shop - LOOT, Time to Cash In

It's January, so the LINDA LOOT that you have accumulated over the last 3 months is probably, burning an hole in your pocket .... it needs to be cashed in.

Every purchase that you made with us in October, November and December earned you 6% cash back .... a thank you, again,  for supporting our growth of the last few of years.

Your LOOT .... is now redeemable in January (at full face value) or February (at 1/2 of face value).

We are open Monday - Friday 9am-6pm .... and are looking forward to seeing you and your LOOT soon. 

Our customers come to us when they want to be more VISIBLE to their customers.

We can create VISIBILITY 5 different ways ....  

  • Embroidery
  • Custom T-Shirts
  • Signs/Banners
  • Promotional Products
  • Print Services

Bring in your LINDA LOOT certificate(s), which looks like this ....
  .... and we can put it to work on your next project. 

If you've misplaced your LOOT .... not to worry, we have a copy at the shop.

Some restrictions do apply .... but they're not too horrible.

We can talk about them when you get here .... or you can find them on the back of your LOOT.

It's kind of fun to print your own money .... it's even more fun to give it away .... but the best fun, of all, is to see you using it.

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