Tuesday, August 22, 2017

News from The Shop - Luis and Auto

A few years ago we got a new "wide format printer".... a piece of equipment that you might have heard us to refer to as "Roland".

Roland revolutionized the sign portion of our business.... because he brought us the ability to do bigger jobs, faster and at a higher quality.

It was a similar thought that was in my mind when I attended a trade show last fall.... and decided to replace our long serving "manual screen press" with an automatic version.

Screen Print has always been the biggest part of my business. Being able to do bigger jobs, faster and at a higher quality would make us a better resource for our customers.... and perhaps, even open the doors to customers we didn't yet serve.

Long story short, while we are supported by a good vendor and had staff that made a valiant effort to embrace this new technology.... the learning curve was much steeper than we had anticipated. 

So, for a few months, it was most definitely the "cha cha".... two steps back, one step forward.

In the end, we learned that one of the pieces to the puzzle was Luis.... a new employee who brought with him skills and knowledge consistent with the "Auto's" capabilities.

I am very happy to report that we are now ready to be that "bigger, faster, better" screen print provider.

Here is a video clip of Luis and Auto doing their thing.

You are welcome to come by and see them do it in person.... and can talk about  getting your job in the queue!

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