Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Our Customers - UpRamp

UpRamp is located on Coal Creek Circle in Louisville.... but their reach is broad.

Their administrative and purchasing people come to us when they are in need of Signs, Promotional Items and Embroidered wearables.... for their Innovation Showcases.

Here's some information from their website. It will give you and idea of what they do.... and perhaps even more importantly, the enthusiasm that they do it with. 

Getting Noticed is the First Step to Selling into the Industry

But it’s also the hardest part. We put you and your technology on stage in front of 500 decisions makers in the connectivity industry.
Innovation Showcase events are an unmatched opportunity to connect with influencers in the global cable & broadband industry. Pitch your vision to the decision makers across the industry and fast-track your sales. 
This isn't your typical “pitch” event, Innovation Showcase events are about building relationships and making deals within the global connectivity industry. 

"Launching new ideas is always hard, and doing it within an existing industry is even harder, but the constant emphasis within the program on innovation makes it possible to take dramatic steps forward."

Click on over to their website to hear more about what they can do to help your business.... from UpRamp and their customers.

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