Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ideas to Grow - Effective B2B Social Media

We do it, other companies do it; it seems the mantra of every business is to "Be on Every Social Channel." Alongside email, and your website, sometimes social media goes by the wayside in a B2B business. Some think that it's a waste of time, others do it so much but without a bird's eye strategy. So, what is the main benefit of B2B social media?
If you're just trying to maintain a successful business, the real answer is: what should you be doing on each channel that's not only worth your time but also going to be seen by your target audience? Let's get a breakdown of the five we recommend and how to better implement a good cruising speed that will help your individual store overall.
Facebook is a tricky one because it's not prime real estate when it comes to B2B unless you understand your audience viewing patterns.
Since our target market is at work most of the day, first and foremost you should only really post in times when they break from work or could be on the commute to and from work. This means key posting times are in the morning before 9 am, between 11:30 to 1:30 pm and from 4:30 to 6 pm. 
A Facebook post is only worth something to the consumer if it either reflects their lifestyle/values or gives them clout by reposting it. So updates of you helping a charity organization, a story where your company helped someone or some group in need (cause-related marketing), an entertaining third party YouTube video that includes tips/information, or content you've created that follows these parameters.
Are you all about "The Update"? If you're more fast paced and like to strike the moment something happens, then Twitter is your platform. A common strategy of most companies follow is to shotgun blast your content to all channels. Not only is that a bad idea, but it shows you are not relevant on that channel. Use Twitter to engage your followers when your business has a solution to a current event related problem, adds substance to a relevant business news topic/live event, or to converse with local business/professional influencers. 
You're not only talking more on Twitter but your posting to your profile more, up to 5 times per day. Just as with Facebook, keep in mind too when your audience can pull away from their work to take a social media break. Most individuals have similar schedules regarding their commute, breaks and lunches. Make sure to engage these audiences JUST before your potential customer is logging on, so you're not lost in a high traffic news feed.
If you're looking to humanize your brand or give your company some "personality," then this is your platform. Instagram is the perfect place to post pictures of each job after its completed, show the office having a good time, or to log events (chamber events you attend, marathons, city street fairs, etc. that pertain to the store's core business, ONLY)
For more info on how to take better-composed shots for Instagram, please refer to this post, it has EVERYTHING you need to hit the ground running with "The Gram."
Fashion bloggers and photographers on how to take  
perfect Instagram pictures, every time
This is less of a time-constrained platform, but still, keep in mind when people are most likely to see your posts.
Google Plus:
Believe it not, Google Plus is almost as popular as Facebook. With Facebook having 1.4 billion active users a month, a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, Docs, etc.) has around 1.2 billion monthly active users. While the user might not be posting on their profile account, their behavior is logged and measured into earnings potential that has seen more return than the Facebook platform in the means of targeting data. Google has all the benefits, without any of the drama.
We encourage you to use this platform if your business website has a posted blog, and to link to other posts you make on other social platforms. Doing this helps your website and businesses SEO (Search Engine Optimization aka where you sit in google search results). Make sure to keep the info on this profile updated as much as possible, as it affects the products of Google's information ecosystem. 
Linked In:
While Linked In is more-so a place where you present yourself professionally, it's also the best place to be "The Expert." This is a go-to when a person is very career/business focused (the best customer to have in a B2B industry). You'll want to post not more than once, MAYBE twice in one day. You should only place the best nuggets of what you're trying to project as a B2B Business. Think about the advice you give customers/clients on how to best use the product/service they purchased. Take this expert knowledge you've accumulated over the years of running a successful business and turn it into a LinkedIn exclusive blog post, and I would DEFINITELY create LinkedIn only promotions since a hardcore LinkedIn user is a person who is gung-ho about pushing their business, product or service.
In Conclusion:
B2B companies who engage, and try to actively build relationships through social media see a significant increase in their overall core repeat clients. It also helps to repost these regular clients content, since it shows you care enough to follow them on the platform.
The best thing about social media is you don't need to schedule it in, you have a mobile studio to log and engage your customer right in your pocket.

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