Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Our Customers - GID Group

Our customer, the GID Group is on the cutting edge of this science and medical technology and will tell you.... 

"A new type of therapeutic medicine is emerging where the patient’s own cells are used in an entirely natural way to repair or regenerate tissues or control pain/inflammation. Cell-based therapies are based on use of a patient’s own regenerative cells, including adult stem cells, which must be extracted from the patient’s tissues and concentrated to achieve a therapeutic result."

"Our technology separates and concentrates the regenerative fraction of cells from the tissues in real-time in the operating room or laboratory, enabling therapeutic application in a single surgical treatment. GID uses a deep science-based approach to cell-based therapies based on use of reiterative cells, alone or in combination with various tissue scaffolds/matrices."

They come to Instant Imprints when they are in need of retractable banners for trade shows.

To learn more about them, what they do and how to contact them, you can visit them on the web at https://thegidgroup.com/gid-technology/

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